Progress Report #1: New Social Media Tool on the block

Dec 30, 2018

Celebrating Medialisto Launch

Medialisto went live 10 days ago. Since then we received a lot of useful feedback from our awesome users. Thank you everyone for helping us make Medialisto a better Social Listening Tool ❤️
We’ll be posting Progress Reports on the Medialisto Blog, so stay tuned to keep track of what is coming. Here is what we’ve been up to this past week:

Added Reddit as a Mention Source

As you know, Medialisto tracks mentions about your brand, product and competitor keywords. After Twitter, there is now a second Mention Source available: Reddit. This addition gives you access to the 11 million monthly posts on “the front page of the internet”. Apart from the post content, you also get:

  • Author stats (Karma points)
  • Subreddit
  • Interactions stats (score and number of comments)
Medialisto Reddit results
Medialisto Reddit results example.

Added Loose Matching to Project Settings

We introduced a new keyword setting: Strict Matching.
Sometimes you want to track keywords composed of many words in a specific order. You can enable Strict Matching when using Medialisto as a Brand Monitoring Tool like in the DJI Spark example above.
But in some other cases you want to cast a wider net. For the keyword uk solar energy, disabling Strict Matching generates the following results:

Medialisto Loose Matching
Medialisto Loose Matching results example.

Bug fixes and Performance improvements

We’ve squashed several bugs 🕷 and made under-the-hood performance improvements. Medialisto now delivers more precise results, faster 🚀

Future steps

We’ve started work on the Reports section. Expect detailed insights, statistics and charts about Top Mentions, Top Influencers and more !
Thanks for reading. We’re very excited about the direction Medialisto is taking and we hope you are too 🙏🏽.
Sign up now for a Free Account if you haven’t done so already. And please contact us via the Support portal 💌 if you have any suggestions, bug reports or questions.