The Social Listening Tool for Small Businesses.

Manage your Business Reputation

Surveys have shown that over 80% of customers expect a company to respond within 48 hours after posting on Social Media. Even when they don't tag you directly ...

Medialisto's Brand Monitoring Dashboard allows you to setup precise keyword alerts, receive alerts and react in time to maintain your business reputation.

Pro Tip You can also monitor your competitors, listen to their customers and spot business trends !

Medialisto Brand Monitoring Dashboard

Receive Email Alerts

Do you sometimes discover a conversation about your brand 2 months later ? It's time to stay on top of the news and never miss a mention again. Act now with Social Media Monitoring and avoid your next Social Media Crisis.

Medialisto sends you Daily or Weekly 📨 Email Notifications about your keywords. Browse the top results from the comfort of your Inbox. You just need to setup your keywords once and we'll constantly monitor the web and social media for relevant results.

Medialisto Email Notifications

Gain Powerful Insights

Do you know who is talking about your brand ? How frequently do you get mentioned ? On which Social Media, Forum, Blog or News site ? What is your Share Of Voice in the industry ?

Medialisto can help you get actionable insights and answers to these questions via numerous reports and statistics such as Mention frequency charts, Top Keywords, Top Sources and more.

Medialisto Reports

Medialisto - Brand Monitoring Made Easy

Works everywhere your customers are.



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